Duration: 8’00”
  • Texas PML – Grade 4
  • North Carolina MPA State Music List – Grade 6

Commissioned by the University of Iowa Symphony Band (Dr. Richard Mark Heidel, Director)

The melodic material for Only Light originally came from Beneath a Canvas of Green, a recently composed large-scale work of mine written for wind ensemble. At the time, I was not quite comfortable with how this music fit within the larger work (it passed by much too quickly), and I knew it was something I would eventually like to revisit.

During the next few years, I was moved by two friends’ display of strength and courage through adversity. Through these experiences, I was reminded of how delicate life is, and how things can change at a moment’s notice. Reflecting upon these events inspired me to expand and ultimately finish this previously composed music. Only Light is meant to convey a sense of hope and healing.

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